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Getting Back to the Workspace Post Covid

We now live in a different world and as of today the impact of COVID 19 in India has crossed 52000 cases with over 26% recovery and over 1700 deaths. Thanks to the PAN India lockdown which lead to some flattening. The cost of this is huge in terms of business losses and Job market contraction. Over 70 million are estimated to have lost their jobs and this figure may well cross 100 million as per Outlook India estimates. Post-lockdown, the world of work won’t be what we used to know. No one even knows if this will be a V U W or even an extended W with waves of high and low tides of spread data. The biggest question in mind of every one now is WHAT NEXT? How will the restart of the work place happen? What does the office of future (at least for next 18 months) look like? What are the points of focus and preparation before we start using the offices? Based on research /media and personal interaction with some members Some of the major factors to consider before one restarts