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Color schemes for commercial Ofiice space

Colour can influence mood, productivity, culture, and connectivity – it can make or break your design. The right office colour schemes can also make a statement about a brand’s image – the mood it seeks to inspire it its customers, the energy it seeks to ignite in its staff, and the zones that support a variety of functions and flow within its space. Colour synchronised with texture is perhaps the most influential and powerful element of commercial interior design. But power doesn’t necessarily mean dominance. Subtle bursts of colour can transform a neutral canvas into a high-energy hub, a contemplative nook, or a social space for networking or collaborating with co-workers. Colour can lift, ground, ease, or inspire a workforce. The Color Effect Blue The vibe: Calming, promotes trust, communication and focus. Ideal in: Spaces where head down work is needed. Yellow The vibe: Optimistic, stimulates the spirit and promotes inn

5 Office Lounge area ideas that work

If the concept of an office lounge area makes you shudder, thinking of all the work that could be piling up as employees socialize, relax! Lounge areas in the modern office are more about giving your employees the variety and choice in which to do their best work than any real lounging. Workstyle The school of thought for years was that employees needed a quiet, distraction free, and most often, separate workspace to work effectively. While it’s true that too much distraction and lack of privacy can be a barrier, employees work most effectively in a number of ways depending on their role, their individual preferences, and even their industry. In fact, that same Gensler study found that the best workplaces “provide a balanced environment that supports both collaboration and focus effectively.” What’s more, team building and collaboration are some of the highest ranked aspects in the office, ahead of individual values. In short, the 9 to 5 desk scenario can be stiflin

7 Great Plants For Your Office

Some plants provide more benefits than others, and maintenance levels vary widely between species. Small potted plants have all the benefits of large plants, but on a smaller scale. If an office contains a large number of small plants, the benefits will be just as obvious as if the office had one or two large plants instead. Peace lilies The Peace Lily is a beautiful plant and one that can improve your indoor air quality by as much as 60 percent. A peace lily with blooming white bulbs is truly a sight to behold, especially when several peace lilies of varying sizes decorate different parts of the office. Peace lilies do require some nurturing to thrive, but they are still considered a low-maintenance plant. Heartleaf philodendron   Heartleaf philodendrons remain small when frequently cut back, so most offices place them on desks and other surfaces with limited space. Larger areas are usually reserved for plants that require more room. Devil’s

The Power of Physical Space: Designing for Focus Work.

“Physical space has the power to cue (and sustain) good habits like focus work,” “But the spaces have to be designed with intention and purpose.” While much of the work space design you see today focuses heavily on collaboration, the ecosystem of a successful office environment is built on a carefully constructed balance of task zones: By utilizing these zones, there’s a clear message: Here’s where you don’t talk at all and phones aren’t permitted. Here’s where small group meetings happen. Instead of arranging by departments, it’s all hoteling space based on the task at hand–collaboration or otherwise. We think collaboration is great—and necessary in today’s sharing economy—but we still need to (gasp) work at work. So the question is: How do you design an office that supports totally-focused and productive deep work without sacrificing the benefits that come from an open office environment. We asked our team of workspace strategists for their insight, and they