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Top 10 Ways a wallpaper can enhance your office

Wallpapers are an awesome way to add some interest to a Work space. From simple graphics like the company logo, right through to custom designed illustrations or even stock photos, the possibilities are endless. Motivational quotes are a popular choice, especially for sales and marketing offices. Photos of a project or development with the branding are also continually popular. Wallpaper comes in a dazzling array of designs Wallpapers, when desired, can completely change the look of a room. They are easily removable and you can paste a different wallpaper or paint on it. While paint has a possibility of chipping off or getting dull, wallpaper stays firm and intact if applied properly. It is easy to maintain by just wiping it with a clean cloth. But the best part, they provide all these pros, yet are relatively cheap than all other alternatives, including purchase, application and maintenance. 1. Wallpaper sends personal message 2. Wall texture c

How Modern office is transforming with innovative furniture

Work spaces furnished with rows of desks and ‘traditional’ swivel chairs are now becoming a thing of the past. Conventional offices are now being considered mundane and uninspiring. Innovative furniture is on the rise in offices, transforming the way we work. Read on for some examples of contemporary furniture designs and how they are changing the modern office. Hive Meeting Pods Like conventional workstations, conference and board rooms are in also in decline. Understandably, rooms away from office distractions are sometimes required for your more formal and confidential business meetings, but for casual in-house discussions, they can seem a little unnecessary. Hive Meeting Pods could be the solution. The multi functional beehive-shaped space can be used for informal meetings or as a quieter co-working space to do concentrated work. The secluded pod can be positioned anywhere in the office, allowing you to remove yourself from any distractions. Hive Meeting P