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Creating the most functional office design

Creating the most functional office design When re-designing the perfect new office space, oftentimes the design focus can be too heavy on modernity and style, leaving functionality overlooked. Sure enough, after a few weeks of working in your shiny new office, you may start to come up against a few teething problems. To prevent your new space causing you more hassle than it was worth, we’ve dedicated this resource to providing you with our top tips for a functional office design. So, whether you’re just beginning the process or if you’ve finished your design and are worried you’ve forgotten something, read on for those handy tips we could all do with. Lots of open space Now, this may seem like an obvious one to start with, and you may be thinking you already know this, but often people forget to incorporate enough space to work, live and relax with ease. Not only can open designs save you in costs – helping to retain the best staff and cutting down on recru

A New Era of Work - Workcafe

A New Era of Work - Workcafe A WorkCafe is a dynamic space that connects people with colleagues, their work, and their organization. It transforms traditional corporate cafeteria real estate into destinations for connection, collaboration, focus and innovation. Design a WorkCafe A scalable, nurturing environment that’s indicative of an organization’s culture and brand, a WorkCafe is both a retreat and a place to engage. This ideabook offers solutions that will help you design a workplace where employees can choose the best place to work based on their preference and need. Key Elements: WorkCafe Design attributes Leverage design attributes that set a welcoming atmosphere and vibrant ambiance, reflecting the desired brand and culture. Technology integration Allow any worker, as an individual or as a group, to work and meet at any place. Access to power, presentation devices, and Wi-Fi is key for success. Hosting characteristics Hosting is ultimatel

Air Quality & Workplace Productivity

AIR QUALITY AND WORKPLACE PRODUCTIVITY Indoor air quality can affect more than the health of the individuals in your workplace: it can even affect employees’ productivity. A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research compared productivity at various factories in China and found that those who worked at facilities with better air quality were five to six percent more productive than those with worse indoor air quality. While your average office building in the U.S. will not have as much air pollution as a factory in China, these findings are still relevant in highlighting the impact of air quality on productivity. Small-scale changes that you can make in order to improve air quality and productivity in the workplace include: 1. Good airflow within the office 2. Limiting exposure to outdoor air if your office is near a highway or construction zone 3. Arranging furniture with attention to good airflow and away from ventilation systems 4. Increased natural light