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Room Booking Software Improves Space Management in Workplace

The modern office is changing. Employees are being given the freedom to move—to work remotely, take their laptops to an outdoor area for a change of scenery or even book a different desk every day. With this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that employees need a better way to book meeting rooms and other communal workspaces. This new fluidity in office arrangements means it can be difficult for employees to know exactly which rooms are free when the need arises for collaborative work. Old workarounds and cobbled-together solutions struggle to keep up with the pace of the modern office and do not provide the at-a-glance overview that employees need. Most offices are in need of a simple solution that lets employees book a room in the same way they would book a desk or submit a work order. Room booking made easy Room booking software has emerged to address this challenge, and can be described as an extension of desk booking software that allows employees to book an

6 Ways to Create a More Inviting Office Space

When it comes to office space design, many companies focus on creating the most efficient environment possible to enhance worker productivity. However, businesses may forget to make the workplace an attractive and welcoming space for clients, customers, and even new or prospective employees. Consider these suggestions for making your work space more inviting: 1. Create An Interactive Conference Room Plain old white boards do not an engaging conference room make. Transform a dull meeting room into a unique experience by taking advantage of technology. An interactive whiteboard, for example, connects a computer or tablet to a projector, allowing you to display data straight from your device. That means clients and employees can simply plug in their laptops to quickly and clearly present their ideas. A space planner can help you select the right interactive whiteboard to suit the design of your meeting room. 2. Brighten The Space With Color The furniture you