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Office Cafeteria Design Ideas

Since childhood, we’ve memorized designated lunch times, glancing at the clock every five minutes until freedom and food. As workers, the cafeteria is an integral part of the workplace culture, where we find respite and meet to connect and collaborate with colleagues. According to research, 91% of employees say it’s important to have a space where they can recharge. A successful work cafe does just that while providing areas to focus and socialize. Let’s look at some ways to get an awesome workplace cafe! Have A Spacious Service Area A well-organized and spacious service area is essential at the food counter. There should be enough space for someone to move around with their food in hand. A crowded space might hamper the ease of service, and lead to employees being disgruntled! Focus On The Colours And Lighting A comfortable and relaxing spot can do wonders to refresh the mood of your employees. Besides providing enough space to move arou