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Merging Tech and Design for Workplace Wellness

Long gone are the days when employees sit all day in inflexible workspaces, adjusting themselves - and their needs -  to the physical conditions of the workplace. The new model for the workplace no longer fits employees into a predesigned worksite but, using technology, redesigns the worksite to fit the needs of the employee. Just like our smartphones and smartwatches, our workplaces are being reinvented to be just as smart.
Smart buildings leverage big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and intelligent Building Management Systems (iBMS) to assess the physical conditions of the workplace and adjust them to meet employee needs.

These tech systems facilitate and improve employee wellbeing and performance by modifying objects connected to the internet, such as light bulbs, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, office chairs and desks, coffee machines, and even whole office spaces. Smart technology collects data from these objects and generates automated and controlled respon…

The Office Design Trends of 2020

MACRO TRENDS:  1. Dynamic Flexibility 2. Wooden That Be Nice? 3. Community in a Remote World 4. Striking Sustainability
MICRO TRENDS: 1. Monochromatic Expression 2. Hanging Horticulture 3. Modern Modular 4. Domesticated Workspaces
1. Dynamic Flexibility

Key Features: Furniture-forward Lightweight Moveable / Wheels Ergonomic Multifunctional
2. Wooden That Be Nice?