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Top Office Furniture Trends

Top Office Furniture Trends Each new year brings fresh new designs and innovative office furniture styles and trends. 2019 will be no different! While we’ll see the ramping up of current trends, we also expect to see new ones like ultra-vibrant colors making an appearance. Here are some of the biggest office furniture trends you’ll be seeing in 2019 Simplified Spaces Gone are the days of bulky cabinetry and heavy materials. In 2018 you’ll see more of open shelving units, light-colored materials and clean lines. These simplified spaces allow for a brighter, more airy working space making it easier to hone in on the tasks at-hand. Unconventional Work spaces The typical office space has been changing over the last several years as the millennial generation has been flooding the marketplace. Instead of stagnant, closed-off offices, many businesses are now opting for more open-concept and unique work spaces to inspire creativity and focus. Co-working spaces a