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Coworking Space Design Ideas (2019)

But first, what are the latest trends to consider for co-working space designs? Sound architecture, perfect lighting and fresh air to breathe are the minimum essentials of a productive work space. While the statement is true, solely depending on it is a passe. Because aesthetic and pleasant spaces encourage people to make it their professional abode. And this guide will help you design just that. So, ready to create an instant attraction? Here you go! A Grandeur Entrance You can be as innovative as possible with this space. Lay extra focus on fancy lighting in this area. Plush and designer couches or chairs will be the most graceful seating options here. Co-working Space Design with an X-Factor Furniture is the best bet to add the x-factor to your coworking space designs. Pick designer furniture or one with interesting designs. You can also try creating game structures like slides and jungle gyms, trampoline, etc. Not only will it be

Six Signs You Need a Better Space Management Strategy

Maintaining a firm grip on your organization’s space management is critical for surviving the evolution to a digital workplace. if you experience minor heart palpitations every time someone utters the phrase, “space management,” there’s a good chance your strategy could use a little updating. Not sure whether or not you need to re-address your space management strategy? Here are a few warning signs: 1. Portions of Office Space Remain Vacant From small storage closets to large conference rooms, any unused space in your real estate portfolio is a waste. Even without occupants, these spaces require energy to operate. Unused space is also a strong indication you aren’t optimally managing your space. In some cases it could mean leasing those unused areas, or rearranging assets to alleviate the burden in more congested parts of the building. 2. Finding Workspace for New Employees Challenging Nothing is more off-putting to a new team member than not h

Interior design predictions for 2020

In 2018 and 2019 commercial interior design was all about the vintage-industrial and corporate kindergarten concepts. These standout concepts were widely applied to just about any type of commercial interior. We featured many, many projects that fit either one of these descriptions, sometimes they were a combination of both. We expect that this will quickly change, how many more eclectically designed tech companies do we need out there? Want to know Dresamspace Interior Design predictions of 2020? FEEL AT HOME…WHILE AT WORK There was something quite noticeable about these spaces, something that we think will live on and inform the next big movement; the use of residential-like furniture and finishes here and there added an element of being comfy-cozy in the workplace. INTER-OFFICE INTRA-OFFICE We think the Inter-Business/Intra-Business collaboration will become more structured. Structured? Well, yeah, hear us out. Businesses will continue to

Office space planning concepts for the modern workplace

Is there anything worse for morale and productivity than walking into an uninspired workplace day after day? It doesn’t have to be that way. Your team can be inspired, have the privacy they crave, and get their work done with one—or all—of these must-haves features for today’s modern office space.    Strike the right balance. An open concept office can promote both collaboration and communication, two requisites for effective teams. But to work, these spaces also need to foster concentration, be quiet and offer privacy. All of these should be top considerations when planning a space. Consider adding private areas in addition to open spaces, such as phone booths or semi-private enclosed areas. Come on in. Few offices boast enough space to offer each of its workers a dedicated office. And, really, who would want that? If your work space does include private offices, make these spaces more inviting by swapping out traditional door and wall enclosures into s