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5 Elements of Coworking Space Design that Change the Way We Work

5 Elements of Co working Space Design that Change the Way We Work 1. SHARED SPACE TO INTERACT. At its most basic level, a co-working space provides somewhere else, outside of the home, where serendipitous interactions can occur. But these interactions don’t always happen in open flexible co-working space or event space — just as many introductions and chance meetings happen in kitchens and stairwells. Designing these less-obvious elements of shared space is key to enhancing these social collisions: thoughtful design encourages utilization. For example, including branded messaging as elements of interior design invites users to pause there because they know that the space has been purposefully considered as an occupied place—not simply a thoroughfare. 2. PRIVATE SPACE TO FOCUS. The “Yin” to the shared space “Yang” is private work-space—a must-have for balancing an otherwise stimulating environment. At 25N Geneva, two open flex spaces with traditio