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Workplace: Designing The Awe-Factor

Workplace: Designing The Awe-Factor Designers today are finding inspiration in workplace design from many sources. From recent aesthetic trends, to ethnographic research that examines how people use space, to generational demographics that reflect social and lifestyle changes – every aspect plays into creating and shaping the next generation of work space. That said, the most important inspiration still comes from individual clients themselves. The most successful workplaces continue to reflect both the unique culture of a company as well as the unique makeup of its workforce. Yet, all companies continue to grapple with the same basic issue—how to attract and retain the best talent. Employees are the backbone to creating a company’s culture; thus, there is no doubt that an aesthetic “wow” factor that inspires creativity, attracts new employees, and supports retention is crucial to a company’s success. How do companies “live their culture,” complete with unique experientia

Pros and cons of the cubicle setup

Pros and cons of the cubicle setup When tackling office space design, planners are generally faced with one major choice: Open or closed setup? The cubicle has been somewhat demonized thanks to pop culture (think the cult classic movie "Office Space" and the comic strip "Dilbert"). But with many experts recently saying that open space offices may be detrimental to productivity and employee satisfaction, the cubicle is becoming a more viable alternative, particularly now that the contemporary cubicle isn't so grey, boxy and humdrum. Consider these pros and cons of the cubicle setup before making your decision: Pros of the cubicle setup Provides greater privacy: The walls of the cubicle give workers a greater sense of privacy without completely secluding them from others. This is important when working on sensitive subjects and even when making client calls (the walls help to reduce noise pollution). More privacy also means fewer distractions,

Mid-Century Modern: A Timeless Office Design

Mid-Century Modern: A Timeless Office Design Mid-Century Modern is Making a Comeback in Office Design AMC’s Emmy-Award winning drama “Mad Men” may have drawn to a close several years ago, but that doesn’t mean that the show hasn’t retained some staying power. In even the most contemporary and innovative of offices, we are seeing mid-century modern styles taking over the workspace – and we think that’s a great thing for several reasons. Mid-Century Modern: A Timeless Office Design “Mad Men” might have brought mid-century styles back into the limelight, but this trend has always been a popular choice for office design decisions due to its uncanny ability to seamlessly combine form and function. Made popular in the 1950s and ’60s, the mid-century style combines clean lines, minimalist furniture and carefully placed pops of bright color – true to the “mod” movement that so often accompanied the mid-century style at the time. During the heyday of mid-