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5 ways to modernise your workplace

The modern-day worker spends around a quarter of their day in the office, so comfortable and up to date working environment is important for productivity.  We’ve listed 5 ways you can modernise your workplace to maximise the productivity of you and your employees. Nature Natural elements such as plants and raw materials e.g. stone or raw wood are not only aesthetically pleasing, they help reduce stress by making us feel more connected to nature, bringing out a sense of calm and helping us focus Casual areas Many offices now have one or more casual areas for workers to relax in, work quietly and independently or catch up with colleagues. This takes a lot of strain, repetition and distractions away from employees as they aren’t confined to one desk area. Change of colour palettes Say goodbye to the popular Scandinavian inspired colour palettes (eg beige, white, navy) as they are currently on the decline. Colours such as teal and sage are becomi