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Inspiring Office Meeting Rooms Design

Creating a pleasant meeting environment and having an office design that makes everyone feel comfortable has a lot to do with the way a meeting goes and how it is perceived. Some offices have decided to give a playful twist to this particular area and the designs they now feature are some of the most inspiring you can find. The informal quick meeting We know that a high table with high chairs encourages a short meeting. One can also leave out the chairs and just stand up, which quite clearly indicates that it is only going to be a quick chat. One can certainly drink a cup of coffee or iced water while chatting. Perhaps a bit loosely and informally about a coming project, relaxed, one leans slightly over the table or in a Activity-based Working style which may even be located in an open-plan room where others are working at the same time. Meeting room or Modern Workplace? A round table in the meeting room will encourage a discussion. The round table

5 Ways Seating Pods Boost Workplace Collaboration

Creating a workplace with a humming culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing can be challenging. How can you attract a team together in the workplace? Once they’re together how can you keep them together? What’s more, how do you engage them to share ideas and participate? Research shows that working in a circle boosts the level of collaboration! We can bring individuals together, make them feel connected to each other and the task at hand and empower them to share ideas – all by providing the right physical space. So how does a circle boost collaboration? 1. ATTRACT TEAMS Teams come together for a common purpose, in a central location. An aesthetic and central work setting will always attract teams to a mutual centre. By physically coming together, individuals subconsciously prepare themselves mentally to collaborate and communicate as they come together. In short, people put themselves in a frame of mind to work together by leaving their niche c

Better Workplace Acoustics Boost Concentration, Professionalism, Productivity

Unwanted sound is proven to cause errors, measurable physical distress, fatigue.  Even ill health. For organizational results and for people’s wellbeing, good acoustics are simply essential for all areas of the workplace.   Today’s workplace world of open offices and small workstations is hard on people AND their productivity. Noise interferes with concentration and memory and “getting-stuff-done”.  And then there’s the overall discomfort, sick days and general irritability that’s the result of excessive noise. Acoustic panels can help in meeting rooms, offices, reception and lounge areas, to eliminate the “echo chamber” effect created by hard surfaces such as glass, brick, drywall, even wood. Acoustic panels in the boardroom will enhance speech discrimination improving communications, interactions and comfort.  So meetings become more productive, less fatiguing. Teleconferencing from acoustically fitted meeting rooms becomes easier for those on