Getting Back to the Workspace Post Covid

We now live in a different world and as of today the impact of COVID 19 in India has crossed 52000 cases with over 26% recovery and over 1700 deaths. Thanks to the PAN India lockdown which lead to some flattening. The cost of this is huge in terms of business losses and Job market contraction. Over 70 million are estimated to have lost their jobs and this figure may well cross 100 million as per Outlook India estimates. Post-lockdown, the world of work won’t be what we used to know. No one even knows if this will be a V U W or even an extended W with waves of high and low tides of spread data.
The biggest question in mind of every one now is WHAT NEXT? How will the restart of the work place happen? What does the office of future (at least for next 18 months) look like? What are the points of focus and preparation before we start using the offices?
Based on research /media and personal interaction with some members Some of the major factors to consider before one restarts the work space …

Merging Tech and Design for Workplace Wellness

Long gone are the days when employees sit all day in inflexible workspaces, adjusting themselves - and their needs -  to the physical conditions of the workplace. The new model for the workplace no longer fits employees into a predesigned worksite but, using technology, redesigns the worksite to fit the needs of the employee. Just like our smartphones and smartwatches, our workplaces are being reinvented to be just as smart.
Smart buildings leverage big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and intelligent Building Management Systems (iBMS) to assess the physical conditions of the workplace and adjust them to meet employee needs.

These tech systems facilitate and improve employee wellbeing and performance by modifying objects connected to the internet, such as light bulbs, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, office chairs and desks, coffee machines, and even whole office spaces. Smart technology collects data from these objects and generates automated and controlled respon…

The Office Design Trends of 2020

MACRO TRENDS:  1. Dynamic Flexibility 2. Wooden That Be Nice? 3. Community in a Remote World 4. Striking Sustainability
MICRO TRENDS: 1. Monochromatic Expression 2. Hanging Horticulture 3. Modern Modular 4. Domesticated Workspaces
1. Dynamic Flexibility

Key Features: Furniture-forward Lightweight Moveable / Wheels Ergonomic Multifunctional
2. Wooden That Be Nice?

Designing Your Digital Workplace

Organizations that adopted or are willing to adopt a digital workplace offer an increased access to technology, allowing coworkers to collaborate constantly, enhancing their efficiency and leading to an enhanced customer satisfaction. In this article, we are going to look at this from a different angle.

The numerous benefits that are offered to businesses when adopting a digital workplace, like enhanced communication and collaboration, mobility, and ease the process of searching and finding information, are strongly influenced by the way you design your digital workplace environment.
When it comes to your digital workplace design, one of the main aspects that should be undertaken by your organization is branding.
Branding is a means for an organization to differentiate its services or products from the rest. A unique name, great PR and/or advertising or images are some of the tools an organization has in hand to do so.

Branding offers organizations the opportunity to shape the des…